Nomination Form


KCCTFCA  Assistant Track & Field

Coach of the Year


Fill out the following form to nominate an assistant coach in one of the following areas.  

                             Return by June 6 to:

                             Phil Weishaar

                             Box 531

                             Chapman, Kansas 67431



Mark which area you are nominating the individual.


        Boys                                                       Girls


____________        Throwing                    ____________

____________        Jumps & Vault             ____________  

____________        Sprints & Hurdles         ____________  

____________        Distance                     ____________


1)     Only Head Coaches can nominate someone.

2)     Assistant Coach must be in charge of the area they have been nominated for.

3)     Winners of any area cannot be nominated again for any area for 5 years.

4)     Individuals May Be nominated in both boys and girls of one area but will not win both areas.


Name of Assistant Coach: ___________________________


Name of School:__________________________________


Name of Head Coach: _____________________________


Reasons for nomination:  (include years at position, athletes accomplishments, and responsibilities.  Use as much space as necessary.)